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Mike Skeen and Johan Schwartz have teamed up to share their expertise for driving some of the world's best race tracks in convenient, affordable, online presentations.  These webinars are for both the rookie driver that needs a good baseline and the seasoned racer looking for a couple of extra tenths.  The presentations all come with Turn-by-turn guides and Quick Reference materials to help you get the best results when you are at the track.  If you have missed a live presentation, the replays are available On Demand!

Available presentations:

Use the buttons below to purchase any of our existing prentations--these webinars have already happened and are available to watch instantly.  Any of the On Demand registration pages will show a December 2019 date for the presentation--this is arbitrary. After submitting payment, be sure to click "return to merchant" to submit your details to us. You will receive an email with the materials immediately upon registration.

Want to know what you're getting?  In addition to the webinar itself, you'll get to keep your own copy of these documents in order to further your study at a later date.

Didn't take perfect notes during the presentation? That's ok!  Each webinar includes a detailed Turn-by-turn document that is typically 4-6 pages, detailing the nuances of a lap, strategies for different corners, risk vs. reward, elevation changes, curb usage, etc.


Each webinar utilizes a detailed 60-80 slide PowerPoint presentation walking you around a lap of the circuit.  Some of the focus points are highlighted visually, but our presentation analyzes the details of every corner, curb, and camber change.  After the webinar, you will have access to the replay and this entire document to continue your study.



Also included with the webinars are multiple track maps that are excellent for a quick refresh at the track.  Our Quick Reference Map highlights the very basics for driving the track so that you can remind yourself of what to focus on for your next session.  The Wet Driving Map gives you some pointers for slick conditions, and the Passing Zones Map offers a color-coded reference for those racers that may be learning a new track.  A blank map is also provided for you to take your own notes.


"No matter how many times one has driven a track, getting another’s perspective or tip(s) is valuable.  I watched the Road Atlanta Webinar with Johan Schwartz and Mike Skeen coaching and narrating, and I picked up a few pointers that I was able to use on my recent SCCA Majors track event.  I found their Webinar very useful and recommend for a new driver or seasoned drivers."

--Buzz McCall

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